Gallery of Crafty Projects

Here are some cards that I have completed recently - please have a look through my gallery and I hope you enjoy what you see.

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Hi Everyone, 
Well how time flies - I can't believe that it is now October 2012. 
So sorry that I haven't been on here to add my new cards or even just for a chat, been a bit busy with my GP trying out different medications to help with my Chronic pain, and this has left me a bit light headed and sleepy - so much so, that I am not getting much done at all. 

Anyway, here are a few cards that I have made over the past few months, I do hope that you like them. All of them are stitched cards using Ann's patterns. 
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This was for My Son's Birthday 

This one was for my friend Robyn on the forum

Just a card I made for my box, but I enjoyed stitching this pattern

This was for my daughter's partner's mum for her 60th Birthday, she really loved it, especially as it was so colourful. 

This is another card that I made for my box.  I adore these fairies, although there is a lot of cutting out on them, I always feel that the end result is truly worth it, and they can make the most amazing cards. 

This is a split easel card that I made for Sharon on the forum.  Here again I used one of those wonderful fairies.  She was really pleased to receive this card

That is it for now.  There are loads more cards that I have made in 2012, and I will post some more of them on here when I get a chance - Bye for now - Hugs xxxxx

May 2011

Floral Card
This is an 8"x 8" card. 
The centre panel is a backing paper that I have stitched a pattern on to and added some self adhesive pearls to.  I have then placed a floral decoupage in the centre. 

Angel Card
This is a card that I have stitched a border around and have then added a twisted pyramage picture of an Angel with a Unicorn

Fairy Card
This is an 8 x 8 card.  The centre panel has a stitched design around the outside.  I then cut out a decorative shape in the centre.  I then attached a fairy topper to both sides of the piece that I had cut out.  I also placed a cotton thread from top to bottom of the cut out.  I then attached the thread to the card so that the centre picture actually spins round. 

Stitched border with a difference
 With this card, I had a pattern for a border.  I stitched the border 4 times joining them in the middle.  I then attached the middle of the stitched panels to the centre of the card and then attached each end of the panel to the corner of the card with a brad and by doing this the panel strips became raised giving a different effect.

Butterfly Card
With this card I had a Butterfly pattern, which i pricked out onto patterned paper.  I then reduced the size of the patterned and pricked that out twice on the paper too.  I stitched a design on each of the butterflies and added gems to them too.  I did not stitch the antenna as I used wire to create these.  I placed three strips of floral backing paper in different colours onto the card and then added the butterflies using silicone glue.

Wedding Cake Card
This card has been made up using a stitched border pattern, designed by Ann's Paper Art, that I stitched in 4 different sizes.  I then took a piece of backing card and cut slots into it and slid the panels through them.  When I did this it seemed to look like a wedding cake, so I placed a bride and groom on the top and added some peel offs to finish it off.

June 2011

These are two cards that I have made for my nieces Abbie and Laana.  I had bought some shaped cards, so I cut some paper in the shape of the card, then I stitched designs around the edge and then added a Fairy Poppet pyramage topper.  They are going to probably arrive late as it is their birthdays on the 14th June and as it is now the 11th June and they live in Ireland, the chances of them arriving on time is not looking good!!!!! Sorry Girls xx

This is my Daisy card.  A lady at a club that I go to brought in some papers which had matching vellums.  This is an 8" x 8" card. I cut the edge of both the paper and the vellum so that they matched the scolloped edge on the card.  I stuck the paper to the card, then on the vellum, I cut the petals on some of the flowers so that they would sit raised from the card.  I then stuck the vellum onto the flower paper.  I then added a couple of text toppers to finish it off.

This is my pink flower card.  With this card which is also an 8" x 8" card, I first cut the edges of the paper and vellum so that it matched the scolloped edge of the card.  Then I stitched seed beads into the centre of each of the flowers, I laid my cutting board between the vellum and the paper and cut the flower petals just on the vellum so that they would sit raised on the finished card.  Then I stuck the paper to the card and then the vellum to the paper, again just to finish the card off, I added a couple of text toppers and a butterfly.